Jorja's fun and friends page
Bifrost's Sweet Jorja Brown
These pics were taken in Mid May 06 - Jorja is 15 months old and laying with her FAVORITE toy - she loves to retrieve this double ball toy - best thing I ever purchased for her or any of the others - heavy enough to fly far when tossed and she loves to run and retrieve it - great exercise for a growing puppy as long as you don't over do it :o).
I still love her profile and head piece.  You can see how she has grown and filled out her head - creating more of a flat plain on top - very pretty - she is ~127lbs at this time (15 mths - May 06) she is not as tall as some of her littermates but very nicely balanced and still rich in color - I protect her coat from the suns rays with "Pink" spray oil conditioner for Arican American hair care.  She is also an indoor baby and is only out to play and x'ing during the hot months.
Was just able to catch her standing still for a moment to get this - not the best but it at least shows how she is growing - she is loosing coat in these pics and a great deal of her "britches" have fallen out already.(top and right).  Below she is 4 years old and coming back into coat after her "lit" Bifrosts Hans Solo Uno was born - follow his career on his owners/breeders site Bifrost Newfoundlands.
Who me digging? na not me ...hehehe he just look at that dusty nose LOL. (left 4yrs old) Jun09