CH "Gus" and Jorja Puppies Feb 27 2008
3 Girls and 1 Boy - all Brown
3 days old and Thor is bigger than the Big red bottle now!
Thor      Holly      Vixen   Bliss
A Kiss for baby "Thor" and a Kiss for my mommy! - below - yes Jorja, we can keep her (Bliss) :o) I am so thankful for this picture! I miss Jorja so much!
     THOR           BLISS          VIXEN          HOLLY
First meal of cereal - yummy!!!
Here's "BLISS"  OshoZen's How Sweet She Is
Go to Bliss's page for her updates and show results - Bliss picked up a 4 pt major reserve in Glen Rose Jan 2010; and her brother "Thor" is now a proven producer for his co-breeders at Bifrost Newfoundlands (1 boy and 4 girls Jan 19 2010 - (2 black 3 brown) hopefully we'll see him in the rings as well. 
This lovely breeding was repeated in 2009 - 1 male puppy was born - his name is Bifrosts Solo Uno and he is now a AKC Grand Champion. Brother "Thor" is a Champion producer and Vixen is on her way to the same. I wish them continued success with their owners and co-breeders and can't wait to see him in the rings for myself.